How To Fix A Leaking Shower?

Sometimes, it is a shower at the end of the day, that helps to wash away the stress of the entire day. However, a leaking shower can lead to a boatload of frustration. Not to mention the water damage and the wastage of water. Apart from that, you can also expect a hike in the water bill. That is why repairing the leaky shower is of utmost importance. There are a few DIY tricks that you can use to get rid of the issues. Moreover, the home made solutions won’t offer the desired results and complicate the situation. If you want the shower to work correctly then hiring Plumber Penrith facilities is the best decision to make. Do you want to know how to fix a leaking shower?
Fix A Leaking Shower

Materials and Needed for the Repair

Before you start the process of how to fix a leaking shower, you must know the tools and materials needed. Check out the list –

  • Handle puller
  • Screwdriver
  • Pocket knife
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Plumbers grease
  • Cartridge

Steps to How to Fix a Leaking Shower

There are multiple steps that you can follow to repair the leaky shower. Are you excited to know how to fix a leaking shower? Check out the steps here!

Step 1: Unfasten the handle cap

The foremost step in how to fix a leaking shower is to switch off the water supply. For this, you need to locate the shutoff valve. However, if you are not unable to find it, you can simply shut the mains off.

After this, unscrew the handle cap. For this, you can use a pocket knife. Removing this will give you a view of the handle screw present inside.

Step 2: Take out the handle screw

Now, loosen the handle screw and remove it. Then, take off the handle and keep it aside safely. If you are having trouble pulling out the handle, then you use the handle puller. It is a cheap plumbing tool that will help you achieve success in the task at hand.

Step 3: Remove the retaining clip

In the next step, you must take out the top tube. Now, remove the retaining clip, and for this, you can use a small-sized screwdriver. If you don’t have one, you can use an awl. After this, you must unfasten the handle washer. Now, rotate the stem of the cartridge and loosen it. When it loosens, you need to take it out with the aid of pliers.

However, if it’s stuck, you can use the cartridge puller.

Step 4: Installation of the new cartridge

In the last step, you will need to install the new cartridge. For this, firstly, rotate the hex screw till it comes out. Now, pull out the cartridge using the cartridge puller. After getting it out, you must place it in the new cartridge. Make sure that it aligns properly. After that, you must re-assemble the parts and then turn on the water supply. Check to see if the leak persists. If it does, you must call in the professionals.

These are the steps that you must follow in – how to fix a leaking shower.

Having Issues With the Leaking Shower? Get Expert Help Now!

The leakage in the shower can be due to a wide variety of causes. For instance, there might be an issue with the shower faucet. Moreover, the reason can also be damaged inner seals or worn-out O-rings. Irrespective of the cause, fixing it as soon as possible is imperative. You can try to fix it yourself by following some simple steps. However, for that, knowledge of how to fix a leaking shower is crucial. But, if the problem remains, you need to get in touch with the leaking shower repair experts.
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